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Fete - Don't Argue Needw063

Fete are the sunshine production duo of Sean Brosnan and Julian Peck. Their music conjures up summertime memories and awash with a positive and uplifting sound that has carved out a tranquil place on the musical landscape. A scattering of infrequent releases on London's Needwant label include ‘The Islands’ and 'Song For Her' which also feature on the Future Balearica compilation series that they also compile. Fete continue on their march to create one long endless summer, again with their new single ‘Don’t Argue’. Long may the sun shine.


  1. Fete Don't Argue (12Tree Nu Ambient Mix) [MASTER] 24BIT
  2. Fete Don't Argue (12Tree Remix) [MASTER] V2 24BIT
  3. Fete Don't Argue (12Tree Nu Beats Mix) [MASTER] 24BIT