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Iain Howie - Living & Dying Needw061

Iain’s original compositions are filled with lyricism and musicality, his use of live instruments and field recordings are just another indication of his creativity and skill. Having shared the stage with recognised acts such as Bob Moses, Jacques Greene and Jay Tripwire, it’s clear that Iain’s stock is on the rise.

‘Living & Dying’ follows Iain’s outstanding debut ‘To Forget’ on the label, which included a remix from the man of the moment Whitesquare.

The track started as a piano recording on Iain's iPhone that he chopped up and processed the hell out of. Everything else just sort of fell into place after that. He really wanted to embellish the emotive aspect of this tune when writing. It became a sort of whirlwind of emotion and energy, and think with the general feeling of hopelessness expressed in the lyrics compliments that well. A remix for ‘Living & Dying’ will follow.

Over the past ten years the Needwant mantra has been to push the very best in new talent, having provided the platform for the likes of Kiwi, The Mekanism, Maxxi Soundsystem, The Revenge and many more.


  1. Iain Howie - Living & Dying Master