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Private Agenda - Primary Colours NEEDW053

Private Agenda announce their new blissful instrumental sojourn and artistic EP; Primary Colours with a special remix from Seahawks.

Inspired by Primo Levi’s fictional work, The Periodic Table which takes the chemical elements as guidance for storytelling, Primary Colours is a series of studies inspired by raw colour and crude natural pigments. Conceived as an exercise in synesthesia, Primary Colours is an aesthetic exploration of material and light. Over twenty gripping minutes, four complimentary pieces of music are crafted from a coherent palate, but which evoke a wildly different array of moods and emotions.

In this first collection in a series of releases, the musical equivalent of four cabinet paintings are displayed, with attention paid first and foremost to reds, oranges and yellows; elemental, primitive and earthy. Static, analogue electronic instruments, piano and ambient noise alone form the palate of sound, with an emphasis paid upon stripped-back instrumentation so the purest, elemental qualities of the music are laid bare.