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Akasha System - Colour Theory Needw049

With a name that directly references Sanskrit's varied definition for words such as space and atmosphere, Portland, Oregon's Akasha System uses ambience to set the tone within his own brand of lo-fi house music. After an acclaimed release on L.A. genre stalwarts 100% Silk, Akasha System is back with his inaugural release on London's Needwant imprint, 'Colour Theory'.

Opening with the hushed atmospherics of 'Speculum', Akasha System utilises the dichotomy between delayed melodic elements and upfront, dry percussion - finding new grooves within the track's polyrhythmics for a disorientating but no less danceable experience. For 'Reflector', the US producer employs a warm bed of sonic soundscapes, using pads to instill a warmth to the track. Mechanised hi hats coupled with techno-esque percussive samples are buried throughout the track's reverberated harmonics, adding a hard-edged coldness to the 'Reflector''s composition.

Switching his style up somewhat for 'Tertiary', Akasha System provides a sense of urgency from the outset. Using hard bodied kicks as the track's anchor, the producer pushes to the forefront a hypnotic melodic line that emerges above a rich, cascading soundscape at the track's core. 'Shade' is perhaps the producer's most focused work yet, basing itself solely around a collection of topline compositions that weave in and out of each other, giving way to one another without ever sounding cluttered or unnatural. Closing out the release, 'Imager' utilises analog synth sounds, washed out with swathes of reverb amongst blunt bass stabs to create a track that finds a natural groove in amongst Akasha System's typically ethereal production style.

With 'Colour Theory', Akasha System has mastered a sense of atmosphere that perfectly marries the sounds of ambient composition and upfront club production. In doing this, Akasha System has created a five track statement of intent, bringing something completely fresh to the lo-fi house scene and establishing himself as one of the fledgling genre's most important counterparts.


  1. Speculum
  2. Reflector
  3. Tertiary
  4. Shade
  5. Imager