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Casino Times - I Wanna Know EP NEEDW025

Needwant are now proud to unveil the long sought after new and original sounds of Casino Times. ‘I Wanna Know’ starts off the package full of rich anthemic soaring synths and beautiful piano keys that build a layered and epic track. 'Trust' is a stripped skippy beat fused with subtle percussion that keeps building and building towards yet more feel good vibes. Next up comes 'Back To The Night', a deep and melodic track with old school soulful elements in all the right places. Dave DK heads for the depths in his remix of 'I Wanna Know' with driving and hypnotic bass under those epic piano keys. As a producer / DJ famed for his sets at Berlin’s infamous Panorama Bar this 5am type remix rounds off another superb and on point release from Needwant.

1. I Wanna Know
2. Trust
3. Back To The Night
4. I Wanna Know (Dave DK Remix)